Take a walk on the wild side

With Amazing Escapes, journeys into the wild come in many forms: a luxury expedition deep into the Cambodian jungle with sleepovers on the site of unknown Khmer temples; a unique escape to an unexplored island and its countless pristine beaches; an adventure across the Bolivian Altiplano, sleeping on the edge of the Salar de Uyuni or an off-road ride deep in the desert of Oman.

Traveling off the beaten tracks with Amazing Escapes, far from crowded touristic places, unfolds as a luxury experience: comfortable bedding, warm showers, local delicacies… camping, as a whole, is brought to stellar heights.


Exploring beyond borders, Amazing Escapes unearths the wildest places to set up private luxury camps: whatever the altitude or the weather, we invent one-night events or two-week adventures that follow the most exciting itineraries, for individuals, families or small groups. Walking, riding, driving, biking, flying, skiing, sailing, dogsledding or simply relaxing, one just needs to pick a dream destination. We will do the rest.

We offer custom solutions for high profile clients including itinerary design, documentation, logistics, transportation, accommodation, catering, expert guiding, security planning and medical staff assistance when needed. 

Never short of crazy ideas, Amazing Escapes also creates unique events and celebrations: a James Bond theme party on the original set of the movie in Thailand, a celebration of lights in the middle of the desert, a sailboat race on the lake Titicaca, a buggy expedition through the Bolivian Altiplano or Bollywood night event with a dance company on a remote private beach of the Maldives, possibilities are endless

How we work

At Amazing Escapes, we believe that the understanding of our clients’ wishes and expectations is crucial for designing a memorable experience. That's the reason why we don't sell set itineraries. Every adventure should be different: in-depth discussions are key to shape every step of the journey in a memorable way. Nothing is left aside from the tent’s interior design to daily menus and side experiences. Further researching on site, we select the best spots for our camps and finalize the itinerary. In the final stage, we present you with a budget and a short film: your client can anticipate what his future travel will look like. Discover some of our past adventures in our video gallery.