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 Closer to Nature

Finnish Lapland is as close as reality gets to those who dream of a winter wonderland. Snow-capped trees, nights lit up by northern lights, barking dogs excited by the promise of a sled ride, icy cold weather, herds of reindeers roaming on frozen lakes are few of the pictures that come to one’s mind, evoking the polar circle.

Here, in the wilderness, close to nature, Amazing Escapes is proud to present its first seasonal camp experience.  Watch the video


Set up in the middle of the arctic forest, thirty minutes off Rovaniemi, official hometown of Santa Claus, Napapiiri Private Luxury Camp boasts six oversized luxury yurts beautifully designed with local handicrafts. Each tent has its own private bathroom and a wood stove that provides a comfortable temperature even when outside temperature drops well below zero.


During the day, enjoy all the activities that Lapp winter has to offer: dogs sled, snow mobile, cross country ski, ice fishing, snowshoes…



In winter, from December to February, daylight is limited to few hours a day, so when the arctic night falls on the camp, the lounge yurt welcomes you in a warm atmosphere, offering a small library, board games and a selection of movies.

If you dare to go out at night, enjoy a traditional Finish hot tub and sauna or chase the northern lights which occur more than 200 days a year in this area.

Walking on snowshoes through the darkness of the snowy forest and see the night illuminated by an aurora borealis is an experience not to be forgotten. For the little ones, a visit to Santa Claus village is a must!


In the cozy restaurant yurt, share the experiences of the day around a glass of wine with other fellow travelers. Each day, the chef will tickle your taste buds fishing into the incredibly rich local cuisine with Finnish delicacies such as poronkäristys (sautéed reindeer), Lohikeitto (salmon soupe) or mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie).


THE YURT Developed over thousands of years and shaped by one of the world’s most extreme climates, the traditional Mongolian yurt is still the home of many nomad populations throughout Central Asia. Its highly efficient felt insulation keeps the inside warm in winter and cool in summer. Made of natural and organic materials, the yurt naturally breathes for a healthier atmosphere inside which is, according to Mongolian beliefs, ruled by cosmic forces.

In Lapland, for a better insulation, the yurts are set up on a platform made of wood, rock wool and a thin aluminum sheet. Thanks to heavy cast iron stoves, temperature inside the yurt easily rises up to comfortable 22 °C / 72 °F even with outside temperatures below – 20°C / -4°F.

Private bathroom includes a shower with running hot water, a wash basin and a toilet. Our original Geopure® all-in-one and autonomous water treatment and energy supply system, guarantees a 100% eco-friendly and noise-free operating, minimizing water consumption.

Napapiiri Camp - Rendering
Napapiiri camp
Napapiiri camp
Napapiiri camp
Napapiiri camp
Napapiiri camp
Napapiiri camp
Napapiiri camp - Simulation




Napapiiri Private Camp has a maximum capacity of 20 guests.

It includes 6 yurts (28 sqm) each with a double/twin bed, private bathroom and woodstove. Extra bed for a child on request. (Max 1)


One lounge yurt (28 sqm) with a choice of books, board games and movies


One restaurant yurt (50 sqm). Table shared with other guests.


Two outdoor hot tubs (capacity 4 guests) and one sauna tent




Find answers to your questions in our FAQ sheet




Napapiiri Camp will operate from 3rd February to 3rd April 2017


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